TRI, P.A. believes that diversity leads to a strong group; our physician candidates come from residency programs throughout the United States. Most tend to have a high level of interest in performing research and in fact, many of our physicians continue their research activities after they join TRI.

When TRI is actively seeking candidates, we post our opportunity on the ASTRO website, via the ASTRO position placement service, and notify principle members of select national institutions that we are seeking candidates. We also post notice on this website.

Your career with TRI begins when you express interest in joining us by sending us an email, a letter or your resume, or by contacting one of our physicians.

Our group reviews each application with the goal of matching the candidate with our group, our opportunities and our community. We narrow the list of eligible candidates quickly so we can spend more time getting to know each candidate and their family on a personal level.

Our typical recruitment process

The president of TRI, the personnel committee chairperson and members of the personnel committee screen all applications. Favorable applications are circulated among all members of the group.

Based on group consensus, designated group representatives begin a series of phone interviews with selected candidates to discuss the opportunities available and to determine which candidates have true interest in joining TRI. Depending on the time of year, candidates are also interviewed at the annual ASTRO convention by TRI physicians and the TRI Administrator. The interview process does not involve only final year residents and practicing radiation oncologists. We frequently interview residents before their final year of residence.

The group selects which candidates to invite for a two-day interview in Kansas City, where they will meet with as many TRI physicians as possible. Usually a social dinner is scheduled on either one or both nights. At the end of the two days, an exit interview occurs with the president or the administrator of the group.

Once the first round of interviewing is complete, and the candidate has stated their interest in joining TRI, the group selects the most favorable candidates for a second interview in Kansas City. Spouses and families are invited to join the candidate for this second two-day visit.

During the second interview, the candidate spends more time interviewing at specific sites of interest and meeting with TRI doctors. The candidate will also spent significant time with the practice administrator to discuss the group’s structure, contractual arrangements, review the structure of the non-shareholder and shareholder agreements, buy-in arrangements, etc. Additionally, TRI personnel will assist the candidate’s spouse in arranging interviews or meetings for the spouse with potential employers, realtors, school system officials, church representatives or any other parties of their choice. A social event will be scheduled for the candidate, joined by his or her spouse, with all physicians and their spouses in attendance.

Following the second round of interviewing, TRI will decide, as a group, which candidate will receive a written offer. Once TRI has an agreement in principle with a candidate, TRI representatives enter into contract negotiations with the candidate on the details of the non-shareholder agreement. Of note is the fact that all non-shareholder contracts reflect the contract language in place in previous non-shareholder contracts, and contain most of the same terms and conditions that are in our current shareholder contracts. This allows the candidate to have confidence that they are entering the group with the same status and rights accorded to all previous new physicians employees of TRI.

TRI typically offers a two-year term for non-shareholder contracts, with the option of offering shareholdership at the end of two years. This term may vary depending on the experience of the candidate. When the new shareholder joins the group, the ‘new’ shareholder agreements are written and signed by all members of the group. TRI firmly believes that all physicians in the group should have the same shareholder agreement in place at all times. Once the new agreement is signed, other related agreements are executed and the physician becomes an equal shareholder in TRI and its subsidiaries.

If you would like to know if TRI is currently accepting new physician applications, please contact:

Russell Onken
Practice Administrator
Phone: 816-313-2677
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Mission

To provide leadership and excellence in the care of cancer patients while responding to the changing needs of patients,
physicians, health care facilities and agencies in the greater metropolitan Kansas City area.