TRI, P.A. is a progressive medical group that offers many stimulating medical practice opportunities for physicians who are skilled in all aspects of radiation therapy. We favor radiation oncologists who have research, leadership and practice development experience abilities, as well as medical director qualities. All physicians who join TRI must be board certified or eligible for board certification.

We believe the most important decision we make each year is who our next physician partner will be. We focus with careful thought and intent as we interview each potential candidate during the recruiting process. We spend time with each candidate’s spouse and family to assure them that they will be happy with their decision to live in Kansas City.

Our new physicians find that the size of our group, along with our multiple radiation therapy facilities, gives them more opportunity for sub-specialization, peer interaction, vacation amenities and research opportunities. Our physicians have the advantage of participation in group governance and favorable call coverage arrangements.

We attempt to match each individual physician with a practice environment that meets their professional preferences and personal skills. We have opportunities for physicians who prefer to work with one or more colleagues at a site, as well as opportunities for those who want to work in a single physician practice environment.

What about Buy-Ins?

TRI’s philosophy is to grant equal ownership of the professional corporation, and any freestanding centers or other ventures that it may be involved in to all group members. We bring physicians into the group with the intent that they will become shareholders and will have equal ownership in all group interests.

TRI recognizes that buy-ins to a physician group, especially one with capital ventures including freestanding centers, may be overwhelming to physicians who are entering independent practice for the first time. Therefore, we have structured our buy-ins so they are as favorable to the new shareholder as possible. Our approach is to minimize buy-in, maximize return during ownership and minimize buy-out.

How do we govern the practice?

We find that the fundamental strength of our group is to use the same consensus-based approach on which the practice was built. All physicians participate in the group decision-making process. Every major decision is dependent on each individual’s input.

All partners and partners-to-be participate on committees or hold positions with group-wide responsibilities. Our committee structure includes an Executive Committee, a Finance Committee, a Systems Committee, a Corporate Compliance Committee and a Personnel Committee.

TRI’s adherence to these strong principles has allowed it to grow and thrive in the face of strong competition, significant market changes and regulatory inconsistencies. It is also why TRI is one of the most prominent single specialty radiation oncology groups in the country.

Our Mission

To provide leadership and excellence in the care of cancer patients while responding to the changing needs of patients,
physicians, health care facilities and agencies in the greater metropolitan Kansas City area.